Being a Writer From the Start

Personal views on being a writer

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Writing is good for the soul. It’s a way for us to express ourselves and our thoughts through words. Reading helps you to build your vocabulary so you can write more efficiently. Reading other’s writing also helps you focus on your own writing. What are you doing differently? What’s your style?

There are so many articles about how to be a better writer. I think it comes down to just improving yourself for the rest of the world to see. You have to hone your craft and dig deep. Find the creativity in you and let it play.

From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be a writer. It started with my “cream puff” stories in grade school. My best friend and I would write and illustrate “kid’s books” with notebook paper and markers. We started by thinking up the plot of the story, and then we added dialogue. They were so dumb but so entertaining.

I feel like I’ve been creative all my life as well. Well, I am a Taurus. :) Taurus people are always the artsy kind of people with a creative mind. When I was just a year or two old, I would draw spiders. Nothing but spiders.

I wrote song lyrics from the age of 11. I’d always wanted to be in a band. It never happened.

I took multiple art classes in my years throughout school, was in the choir, and was always into anything with computers. I would sit on my grandma’s computer and use different CD-ROM programs to create art. I made digital videos, newspapers, newsletters, brochures. I even cataloged her whole library of children’s books into a Microsoft program. That took weeks to do, and it was all for funsies.

I’ve been trying to get a writing regimen to balance between my 9 to 5. If I want to make it as a writer, I have to write as much as possible. At least, I feel like that’s what writers do. I want quality over quantity with my work, but I know not all my articles will be popular.

As writers, I feel like we’re constantly improving. There’s so much we can learn just by reading and paying attention to other’s writing.

Just by being part of BYV, I’ve learned to take feedback way better. I’ve also picked up on where I lack in my editing process. I’ve only been writing here for about a week, but I’ve learned so much already.

I applaud all the articles that are so informative about the platform and how to write your best work. The talent on here makes me question myself. Am I as good as the others? Could I be one day? Practice.

We all have our voice, our personality, and the way we explain things. While I may not be one of the best here, I’m inspired to be better and one day hope I’m just as great as everyone else.

Sometimes writing is easy, flowing from your mind like a story you’ve always known. Other times, it’s a bit trickier. Trying to find the right words to spill on the page. We take in the details of formatting, words used, and the voice of an article. All in hopes of bettering ourselves, our writing first and foremost.

I bash myself for not using complex words, for not taking into account the reader's mind. I’ve been writing for myself for so long. Who wants to read what I have to say?

Finding your niche isn’t easy either. When you first start, there are so many topics you want to write about. Don’t limit yourself to just one in the beginning. Explore different topics, get out of your comfort zone. If you’re really stuck, write about what you know!

I’ve never been good at telling stories by word of mouth. However, I’ve been told I can write good fiction stories with sometimes too much attention to the details.

I’m not an expert editor. I use Grammarly, but others still find more mistakes.

I was a high school dropout and went to a community college in my later 20s. I excelled in my English literature and writing classes. Not for my editing skills, but for my ability to put words together and make a relatable or informative essay.

I was no better or worse than the other students, most being near 10 years my junior. We were all learning. They may have been better educated, but I was passionate. I could read over my paragraphs and feel accomplished. This was something I’d want to read!

Here I am today, writing for you. Constantly trying to improve so that one day I leave behind a legacy. The name is a time capsule vast full of information, filled with many stories and memories to inspire others. That’s what I aim for when I write.




Est. 1991 | Mental Health Advocate | Animal Lover | Spirituality | Freelance Content Writer from ILLINOIS — visit ❤

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Nikkole Writes

Nikkole Writes

Est. 1991 | Mental Health Advocate | Animal Lover | Spirituality | Freelance Content Writer from ILLINOIS — visit

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