Why Everyone Should Watch “Bob’s Burgers”

Reasons why I come back to it again and again

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While there are all kinds of shows to watch on TV that you can get lost in, there is one show I keep coming back to. It’s on my TV when I go to sleep at night. It’s on again when I wake and while my dog is home alone. That show is Bob’s Burgers.


Bob’s Burgers started on the FOX Network in 2011. Since its inception, it’s received great reviews. Most people will watch it if it’s on, but others pass it on the TV Guide.

It’s a cartoon comedy with family values about a “hot shot restaurateur” (this is what the health inspector calls Bob) who keeps his family close as he runs his Burger joint. Bob and the Belcher family work hard for their money, the kids working for an allowance. They continue to have hope that one day the restaurant will take off.

It’s not a popular spot on Ocean Avenue, but they have some regulars. Teddy the handyman and Mort, the mortician. It even includes the continued rivalry of Bob and his arch-nemesis Jimmy Pesto who owns the restaurant across the street.

He received his restaurant experience from his dad, Big Bob, who owns Big Bob’s Diner. I find it to be a hit show that you can watch over and over.

Here are some main points I’ve found when watching this show.

Catchy Songs

I’m a cartoon person; my other favorite go-to shows are South Park and the Simpsons. However, Bob’s Burgers is unique. The songs are so catchy. I’m a sucker for a good rhyme with a melody.

From “Electric Love” (S3E16) to “Silent Love” (S3E8) to “Guts (Quirky Turkey Song)” (S7E6). The songs get stuck in your head easily. They’re simple but something you can dance to when you’re pacing around the house or making a sandwich.

When I first heard “Electric Love,” it was like hearing “Baby Shark,” it just keeps going, but the difference is I didn’t get tired of it! I think if I had to choose, “Electric Love” would be my favorite. It’s so theatrical! It’s also educational since it’s about Thomas Edison and his elephant Topsy.

“They’ll say “Aww Topsy!” at my autopsy…” — lyrics from “Electric Love”

There’s even a sing-a-long section on the Bob’s Burgers Hulu page where you can play all the hits. I personally haven’t used this feature, but I just might after writing this.

You know when you think you know the words to something and you look it up, and the lyrics are totally different? That’s how a lot of these songs are for me. :)

Family Values

I love my family, and even though we’re a bit dysfunctional, we’re still there for each other at the end of the day. I take comfort in knowing the Belcher family is quite similar. They’re not perfect. They go through crazy times but always lend a hand or a shoulder to cry when needed.

“You’re my family and I love you. But you’re terrible, you’re all terrible.” — Bob Belcher

When Louise gets mad at Bob for hiring Logan at the restaurant, Bob tries to find a way to repair it quickly. (S5E10)

When Tina wants to go to horse camp, they may not be able to afford the real thing, but they sign her up for a camp they can afford. (S6E17)

It’s all about showing your family you love them, even if you have to appreciate the little things.

Linda Euphemisms

Linda Belcher is so relatable as a mom. While I’m not a mom myself, she reminds me so much of my mom.

“Mommy doesn’t get drunk, she just has fun.” — Linda Belcher

In S3E10, Linda takes, well, pays her youngest daughter Louise to go to a mother-daughter seminar which Louise despises. She’s just trying to connect with her daughter because she thinks Louise doesn’t like her. In the end, Louise tells her she really does love her; she has a different way of showing it.

In S9E2, Linda sings a lovely song to a chicken about laying eggs for her. It goes, “make an egg roll from your egg hole.” If that’s not something you should sing to all chickens, I don’t know what is. Remember when I talked about getting lyrics wrong? Let’s say that was one of them.

In S3E23, she pawns the espresso machine so Gene, her son, can go to baseball camp. Gene ends up learning not to be afraid of the ball when going up to bat. Money well spent.

Another one I like that reminds me of my mom is in S3E7 when Linda announces, “Sorry we’re late. Bob had diarrhea.” to their group of friends. How embarrassing, but just like a mom to announce to everybody!

These may not be all or the best “Linda Euphemisms,” but they are the favorites that I could think of off the top of my head.

Sibling Camaraderie

My sister and I are ten years apart. Let’s say it made for an interesting childhood for her growing up. Even though we fought, we still had an undeniable bond that is similar to the Belcher kids.

The sibling camaraderie of Tina, Gene, and Louise is so amusing to watch. They help each other quite a bit. When Louise tries to sell a piece of ambergris (S4E18) and gets obsessed with it, Tina tapes a cantaloupe wrapped in dirty socks to Louise’s back. This was so Tina could give the real ambergris to Mickey (the carnival worker) to sell to ‘go straight’ and open his ‘monkey bar’ or ‘crow bar.’

Gene: “No one blackmails our sister but us!”

Louise: “Yeah! Messing with Tina is a privilege, not a right!”

When Jimmy Jr is trying to win Tina back (S3E17), he seeks the help of none other than Gene and Louise. He dresses up in a horse costume with Gene and sings this song about Tina (The Tina Song) to impress her. Louise has a walkie-talkie inside the school while Jimmy Jr and Gene are outside, and she tells Gene what to say, who then whispers to Jimmy Jr. It’s a bit like playing telephone as he screwed up all the words, but you get the point.

Siblings: always there for you when you need them! The Belcher kids are always there to help each other out and very protective of each other. Gene even takes a “Reverse Norwegian Stink Hold” by Louise’s nemesis Logan to protect her in S7E5.

Gender Inclusivity

The best part about the show to a lot of people is gender inclusion. Gene Belcher is gender-nonconforming, meaning he doesn’t limit himself to just being a boy. He loves to play dress-up by wearing dresses and wigs.

Then there’s Marshmallow, who is a drag queen. She’s found participating in the parade at Bog to Beach in S7E21, the episode paying homage to PRIDE and the LGBT community. Marshmallow is found in many different episodes, and in each, she is glamorous and accepted by everybody.

“All I know about Marshmallow is that she comes and goes as she pleases, she answers to no one, and she is truly free.” — Bob Belcher

There are the cross-dressing sex workers Bob hauls around in the cab. When attending her birthday party, they try to teach Tina how much her dad loves her and how he worked long hours driving the cab to give her a great birthday party. (S1E6)

As you can tell, this show is so inclusive to all and completely raw to the real world.

I can’t conclude without including the “Burger of the Day.” Bob has a different burger he writes on a chalkboard which features the “Burger of the Day” in each episode. I have an eye for watching for it in each episode to see the funny puns he uses. Keep an eye out when you watch it!

This show is my absolute favorite. I feel like there’s always something to learn from it. The Belcher’s are a unique family and so deserving of their TV show. Have you ever watched Bob’s Burgers? What’s your favorite episode?




Est. 1991 | Mental Health Advocate | Animal Lover | Spirituality | Freelance Content Writer from ILLINOIS — visit nikkolewrites.com ❤

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Nikkole Writes

Nikkole Writes

Est. 1991 | Mental Health Advocate | Animal Lover | Spirituality | Freelance Content Writer from ILLINOIS — visit nikkolewrites.com

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